Thank you to WeldTech (GB) Design & Fabrication Ltd

Must give a massive thanks to Weldtech (GB) for all their hard work in Edenthorpe. It all began in 2016 when Dean, Sean and the lads designed our Parish Council notice boards. The design and quality shows as they still look as good now as the day they were erected. Next job saw the company replacing some safety fencing and fire exits at The Howard Pavilion and The Fred Gee Centre as well as making some benches to run alongside the Pavilion for footballers on match days. Their prices were always reasonable and compared to other quotes there was no question that we should continue to use the company for various projects.
The playing field in the past has suffered from vehicles driving onto the field and damaging the football pitches. Once again WeldTech came up with a competitive price and design. The anti-cycle measures and railings around the field were erected in the Winter of 2021 making the field a safe place for all residents to relax and enjoy their exercise. The latest project has meant that the goal storage compound has been extended behind the Fred Gee Centre with 3 new lengths of Palisade fencing and moving the old boundary fencing outwards. This work was completed over two days and will mean that all the football equipment is able to be stored safely and securely. In the meantime an urgent call from myself, regarding an oak tree planted by Edenthorpe Parish Council had outgrown the steel support around the trunk. No problem, Dean sorted it, the offending frame was cut off the next day. The tree looks much happier now.

Special shout out to Emma who has designed a logo for Edenthorpe Parish Council. This will be put into use in the near future. Emma designed this at no cost at all to The Parish council. Thanks were given by Parish Councillors at the Council meeting held Thursday 11th May 2023.
Future projects planned and passed are to have 4 benches placed in front of the fence of The Howard Pavilion (2 at each side of the concrete semi-circle), these will mean that the sunspot can be enjoyed by many residents, football spectators to sit a while, have a chat and rest whilst enjoying the fresh air and open space.
Thank you Dean, Sean, Rob, Emma and the rest of this hard-working company who can always be relied upon.