Rickety Rackety Way / Rowena Gardens

Lovely phone call yesterday from our Parish Chairman – Mr Gee!

Neither of us could believe our eyes. After many, many years of being overgrown and unloved, the land between Rowena Ave and Coningsburgh Rd has been tackled.

This is all down to our resident – Jen Oxley, who we all know has worked tirelessly on  Snickety Gardens, Crescent Garden and the Flower Plot. Jen was asked by Doncaster MBC as to how they could support her hard work. Her response – help me please! Result – a team from Doncaster MBC descended on Rickety Rackety Way yesterday and cleared it out. In the undergrowth four car tyres were found, some broken down bollards and numerous bags of dog poo. Many years ago this was a pedestrian only zone. With a bit of luck the bollards will be re-instated.


Once again, THANK YOU JEN 🙂