Piano donated by kind resident.

Piano now in residence.

We were so lucky, early June I saw a Facebook post asking if any community groups would like a piano for their community building. As a keen musician, I have spent many hours playing the piano both for pleasure and work, I had often thought how wonderful it would be to have a piano in our Church Balk Centre for birthday parties, 47th Edenthorpe Scout Groups and other users. I contacted David straightaway and he was delighted to help. We just had to pick it up.

Thanks David Dewey, you were very  kind to  donate your piano to us for our Church Balk Centre . What fun we had moving it though from David’s house to The Centre , “To me, to you!”  You can imagine the huffs and instructions…….

Here’s a few pictures of the road trip after the lifting and heaving.  It is all set up and happy in  it’s new home.

Thank you David we love it!