Please find attached minutes from our meeting held on Thursday 7th December 2017 at The Howard Pavilion.

Minutes for Edenthorpe NP meeting 7 Dec 2017


Edenthorpe Parish Council have been successful in gaining our OS PSMA licence. This is valid from today and will enable us to use Ordnance survey maps for the purpose of our Neighbourhood Plan.


Last night the working group met once again to discuss progress of our Neighbourhood Plan. We are making good progress and the draft plan is currently being written. DMBC joined us with an electronic version of the house mapping for the village. Members found it really interesting to see how the village has developed over the years. You can see a definite trend of housing types depending on when they were built.

The PSMA/OSMA application form has been completed and we are awaiting the licence from Ordnance Survey Ltd. We can then utilise maps for ‘Our Plan’.

I can also report that we  have  been successful in gaining a further grant of £1600. This will be  used to pay our consultant professional fees for completion of the draft plan.


Sadly, the summer period is almost over. The St. Leger race meet will soon be underway today and cooler weather will ‘come in’ on the back of the last horse of the Leger.

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group have been busy identifying house types and mapping them, as well as identifying open green spaces for protection.

Please find attached minutes from meetings held on 8th August 2017 and 22 August 2017.

Minutes for Edenthorpe NP meeting 8.8.17

Minutes for Edenthorpe NP meeting 22.8.17



Neighbourhood Plan Group meeting.

On a rainy evening in Edenthorpe we met to discuss the progress of our Neighbourhood Plan.  Our consultant was present as well as a member of Doncaster MBC planning team. Next steps are to map the types of houses throughout Edenthorpe and to identify green spaces to protect.


Drop in Session for Local Businesses.

Well, on this lovely rainy afternoon, we prepare for our business drop in session. We do hope local businesses are able to come along and share their thoughts on the future of our village and their businesses.


Business Surveys.

We are now in a position to be able to address local businesses. Surveys are being delivered this week to businesses throughout Edenthorpe. If for any reason you have not received one, please do not hesitate to contact me. We will be holding a drop in session for business holders on July 28th at The Church Balk Centre, Off Marian Rd, Edenthorpe between 5pm – 7pm. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be available.  Look forward to seeing you there.



Another fantastic day with our Neighbourhood Plan Development Group at Edenthorpe Junior FC Summer Gala. The responses on the surveys have been really good. For those that still have one please return to one of the drop off points. I will be posting them off to our Consultant in the next few days. We have around 13 -14% response from residents. Thank you to everyone who helped deliver and have taken time to complete them.  Here are a few pics from the lovely sunny day.

Our next step is to consult local businesses and see what they would like to see for the future of Edenthorpe.


Successful Drop In Session

Please find attached write up of the Consultation event which we held at Edenthorpe Community Centre. It was lovely to meet friends old and new.

Consultation event held 22.5.17

We will also be available to discuss Neighbourhood Planning at the Edenthorpe Junior FC Summer Gala on Sunday 4th June between 10.30am – 4.00pm.

See you there! 🙂



Eek, the banners have arrived. Just off to buy some cable ties.



Drop In Session.

We are looking forward to meeting everyone at our drop in session on Monday May 22nd – Edenthorpe Community Centre, Cedric Road between 4pm-8pm. Refreshments will be provided.

Please find attached case studies from other areas for your perusal.





Please find attached documents from our consultant. Useful documents for our village.


Neighbourhood Plan Quick Guide


Click here to see a map of the Edenthorpe Parish Boundary



Hurray, the surveys have arrived. 🙂 Please fill in your surveys before 4th June 2017 and return completed to:-

Tesco (customer service desk)

Sainsbury’s (customer service desk)

The Post Office (Church Balk)

Eden Stores (Thorne Rd)

The Community Centre (letterbox)


Resident’s Survey

We will shortly begin delivering the Survey to all residents throughout Edenthorpe. Funding has been received and the survey has gone to print.

Friends of Edenthorpe Neighbourhood Development Plan will be hosting a drop in session to be held in the small meeting room of Edenthorpe Community Centre, Cedric Rd on Monday 22nd May 2017 between 4pm -8pm.  It would be good to speak to as many residents as possible about how your household view the Parish, the amenities you use and what you would like to see in the area.


Meeting Minutes 20.3.17

Minutes for Edenthorpe NP meeting 20.3.17



Great news for Edenthorpe Neighbourhood Plan. The Community Rights Programme, funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government are pleasesd to inform us that we have been successful in our application for funding.

We will shortly be in a position to send out a survey to all the residents of Edenthorpe.

Edenthorpe! – We are on our way to having our very own Neighbourhood Plan which will hopefully inspire other communities to do the same.


Meeting minutes 18.1.17

Please find attached minutes from the above  meeting.

Minutes for Edenthorpe NP meeting 18.1.17


Edenthorpe Community Profile

Please see the attached document for all the most recent Census data for the Parish.

Edenthorpe Community Profile


Facebook page.

Please note that there is a now a public Facebook page – Friends of Edenthorpe Neighbourhood Plan. Edenthorpe folks, please send us your friend requests!

Hopefully this will help to circulate information to local residents and keep everybody up-to-date on the latest developments. It is going to be a busy and exciting 2017 for Edenthorpe.


Neighbourhood Plan Roadmap Booklet.

Our consultant sent this today. Neighbourhood Plan Roadmap Booklet[713]

Neighbourhood planning – frequently asked questions.


Please find attached document which provides an insight into neighbourhood planning and the process involved.

Neighbourhood Planning – frequently asked questions

The following link may also be useful.

Primary School Surveys


Exciting start to our neighbourhood plan – Canon Popham Primary and Nursery school have returned over 60  surveys, kindly completed by their pupils. These will provide a valuable contribution to guide further development of resources for the village.

If you would like to complete a survey, you are primary school age and haven’t done so already please find attached. neighbourhood plan survey  for primary schools.

Neighbourhood Development Plan – Group news.


We are currently devising a questionnaire, which after being verified, we will send to all houses in Edenthorpe. We would be very grateful if once completed, you would return it. We are looking to set up  return boxes in various locations around the village.


We would like to hear from the people of Edenthorpe. What are your views on the village?  What do you like about the village? What would you like to see in Edenthorpe? What concerns do you have about Edenthorpe?

The Neighbourhood Plan is an important document which can help shape what we want for our village. The Plan cannot stop development  but can guide future development.

Please email with your views.