Howard Pavilion

pavillion1Address: Howard Pavilion, Off Marian Rd, Edenthorpe, Doncaster, South Yorkshire. DN3 2PT

The original pavilion was built in the 1950s following fundraising efforts by Edenthorpe residents and local organisations. Constructed mainly of wood, it was first used as a cricket pavilion by the village team, then, when local interest in cricket waned, it became the home to youth organisations and community events. From the 1980s it was used mainly by junior football teams.

By the late 1990s vandalism and general wear and tear had taken its toll on the building and the need for a replacement became obvious. Architects began work on a design for the new  pavilion in May 2009 and construction commenced in September 2010. Upon completion in April 2011 the building was named the Howard Pavilion in honour of the late John Howard, MBE, Chairman of the Parish Council, who was instrumental in seeing the project through. In July 2016 the existing fascia’s were clad with UPVC  which further improved the Pavilion.

The interior of the pavilion showing one of the 4 changing rooms, the central corridor and the social area with kitchen at the rear

The cost of over half a million pounds was met by a grant from the Football Foundation, funds from DMBC under Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, savings from the Parish Precept and fundraising by Edenthorpe Community Centre.

The Howard Pavilion today is  used by Edenthorpe Junior Football Club – for further information and contact details see their website at: