Despite its small size, Edenthorpe, or Streetthorpe as it was known up to the latter part of the 19th century, has a long history. In these pages it is hoped to trace out its origins and development from the earliest times in prehistory up to and including the twentieth century. It is hoped that this will be of interest, and if anyone can add anything to the details given in these pages the Parish Council would be very pleased to hear from them.

In the Domesday book the village was listed as Stirestorp (Styry’s meaning outlying farmstead) and Thorpe being a Scandinavian word for settlement away from the main village. There are around ten different spellings of the name in various documents over the centuries due to accents heard by the scribe. By the 16th Century it became Tristorp and then by the late 18th century Streetthorpe, as mentioned above.

The hall which is now the local primary school was purchased by Lord Auckland in 1871 (a member of the Eden family), he re-named it Edenthorpe which has stood for the village since.