Chairman’s Report

Please find attached latest Chairman’s report from Edenthorpe Parish Council Chairman – Fred W Gee.

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MARCH 2016 – FEBRUARY 2017

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MARCH 2015 – FEBRUARY 2016

I would like to present a report on the work undertaken by the Edenthorpe Parish Council during the period from March 2015 to the end of February 2016.

2016 started off with the position of Clerk being filled by Anne Flanagan. Anne has since worked tirelessly, sorting everything out and getting things up-to-date. Financially we are stable and are pleased that no increase to the Parish Precept has been necessary.

Major repairs have been carried out at the Church Balk Centre and also some minor repairs at the Howard Pavilion have been undertaken, with more repairs being planned.

Extensive renovation of the allotment fences has been carried out with financial help from a grant from DMBC.

The war memorial was completed on time last year and in position ready for the Remembrance Parade. This was well attended by many in the village including children from the local schools. Many thanks to the Memorial Committee for putting so much time and effort into it. The results are there for our village to be proud of.

We hope that later this year the Christmas tree lights will be fitted and working in time for this year’s festivities.

Daffodil bulbs have been planted throughout the village with more flowers planned for the planters this year. They make a very pleasant entrance to our village.

We are still experiencing problems from inconsiderate dog owners allowing their dogs to foul footpaths and not picking up. Poo bags are available in shops at a reasonable cost and there are numerous dog bins around the village which are emptied on a weekly basis. We have problems with areas that suffer from litter. Please can everyone use the bins provided around the village or take your litter home.

Our village has many grass verges which are being parked on regularly. This very quickly causes deterioration of the grass and becomes a hazard. Please be mindful of our village and take care when parking your vehicles.

We would urge everyone that if you see any of these problems then please report it to any Parish Councillor or directly to DMBC through the free app for phones – My Doncaster, email – or just telephone DMBC at 01302 736000.

We hope to have a new website up and running shortly to keep you informed on events in the village and problem areas.

With more houses being built we are conscious of the impact on our schools and services. The planned 650 housing development to the East of Mere Lane would have an even greater impact – we are monitoring the situation constantly.

I, as Chair of the Parish Council would like to thank all the Councillors for their continued support and commitment to the village of Edenthorpe.

Paul Bissett.