Anti-social behaviour

I have been asked by the Stronger Communities Co-ordinator – Doncaster MBC, for people to report any anti-social behaviour  straight to the police. It is so sad that Tesco Field (Far Field) is being developed for the youngsters to have fun and has taken into account all ages groups, yet some seem to be adamant that it should be damaged. Fences are constantly being pulled down and equipment broken. This is delaying the job.

The school summer holidays are  almost here (such an exciting feeling which I still remember from my childhood) for playing out, having fun and spending time with friends and family.  Please encourage your youngsters to enjoy their time out and about, stay safe and don’t break things. The time, effort and money spent on this scheme has been huge and we are so lucky.

If you are unfortunate enough to still witness anti-social behaviour in any of our areas of the village, please report immediately to police or DMBC tel: 01302 736000 who are also available 24/7.