Public Enquiry

Site Notice.

The official notice has been received and the inquiry will be held over 5 days beginning 10am on Tuesday 5th September 2017. the subsequent days will most likely begin at 9:30am on 6th, 7th, 12th & 13th September 2017.

If anyone can attend the public inquiry at The Cast it would help! We need as much support as possible to try and prevent the developers taking over one of our last areas of beautiful open countryside.

Site Notice –

Land to the East of Mere Lane.

Alternative Modified Plans Submitted to DMBC

Please see attached documents regarding the development proposed. Sorry about the faint colour.

It might be worth a visit to DMBC planning portal (associated documents – view documents) for planning reference 17/00676/OUTM.

Long Plantation

Summer Stroll.

A Beautiful Summer’s day – Just back from a walk through the woods, couldn’t resist taking these photographs and sharing them with you.

Snickety Gardens Extension

Jen Oxley

Well Jen has been busy on another new area. She has moved further along towards Rowena Ave and transformed another patch of overgrown nettles into a garden.

Here is how it looked  before Jen arrived with her tools!  Then again, after numerous green bins were filled (with kind resident’s permission). Thank you Jen.