South Yorkshire travel.

Well done to South Yorkshire travel for their prompt response.

I reported a damaged bus shelter on Thorne Rd, Edenthorpe on the day that storm Doris hit – 23.2.17. The side panel of the bus stop was lying under the bushes nearby. On phoning South Yorkshire transport and giving them the bus stop number (shown on the bottom of timetable), they assured me that the shelter would be mended asap. Indeed, true to their word the side panel  has been lifted and put back into position. The bus stop is once again fit for purpose with the wind shield is place.

Love My Edenthorpe.

Snickety Gardens

This morning on the 8am news bulletin of the local radio station our very own Snickety Gardens  received commendation.

We are hoping to work with  Doncaster MBC to promote a campaign – ‘Love My Edenthorpe’.

Church Balk Centre & Howard Pavilion

The centres have recently had fire safety gates fitted in between the buildings and to the side of the Howard Pavilion. These provide enhanced  security and ensure the safety of the children using the centres.

The Parish Council have also provided the footballers and their supporters with fixed benches along the front of the Howard Pavilion. Lovely to see them being used on the very wet Sunday of 12th February 2017, young and old alike keeping dry and eating burgers.

Wednesday Walkabout!


This morning Paul Bissett and Anne Flanagan began the day with one of their regular walks around the village. The litter around the village seems to be gathering at an alarming rate, making the village look unkempt!

The edges of the pavement along Thorne Road are strewn with empty bottles, cans and wrappings of many varieties. The wooded area opposite The War Memorial is in a similar state, much of the litter has now become trapped in the trees and hedges. On walking through the pathway towards Edencroft Drive someone seems to have mislaid a pair of striped pyjamas, draped casually on the shrubbery.

The walk continued onto Tesco field where dog fouling was evident, some not far from the dog bin.  (No picture sorry folks). These bins are emptied on a regular basis, paid for by  Edenthorpe Parish Council, which benefits everyone. Please use them. It is so easy to have some nappy sacks/poo bags in your pocket or tie them to the dog’s lead.

The next encounter, bordering the new houses on Athelstane Crescent – a new Tesco trolley queue, obviously lost and lonely, out of the boundaries of their safe home at the supermarket.

The walk continued, the colder it became. We stopped a moment to observe the traffic travelling along Church Balk.  At that time, in our opinion, all seemed to be travelling at a reasonable speed. We are both aware that at times that  the road has a problem with speeding vehicles and have reported the fact to DMBC. The signage is in place – Please observe the 30 and 20 mph zones.

Litter was scattered in many areas of Church Balk as well as in the shrubbery at the bottom of The Boulevard, carelessly dropped by passers-by,

As  our walk came to an end  along St. Oswalds Drive turning onto Sunnyside towards Clovelly Road, we noted the state of the paths and roads. These have really deteriorated resulting in lots of small potholes that are rapidly becoming trip hazards, dangerous to cyclists/drivers trying to avoid them. In contrast the  paths along The Boulevard are looking great after being re-tarmacced over the past few weeks.

All of the above problems will be reported to DMBC and we hope to be able to report back that they have been dealt with. If you see anything – Report it! Don’t ignore it, thinking someone else will.   My Doncaster app is available on android and apple devices, free of charge. Alternatively ring 01302  736000.

We will be walking around the village on a regular basis, if you wish to mention any particular area of concern please contact us and we will endeavour to incorporate that area into our walk.