Crater on Sunnyside

Thank you to the team for filling in the crater that has been growing at an alarming rate over the last few weeks on Sunnyside near to St Oswalds, if you have any large craters/potholes that needs attention please inform the Parish Clerk or DMBC 01302 736000 or mydoncaster app available android or iPhone.

Snickety Gardens.

Look what I found on my walk around the village yesterday, our snickets have been named!

Please dog walkers, whether your dog is on or off lead, please ensure you are aware of them at all times. The majority of dog owners are vigilant and always pick up after their pet but there are still some who allow faeces to be left on footpaths and public areas.

This can lead to toxocariasis in humans causing blindness and serious illness. Young children are most at risk as they are more likely to pick things up from the floor and put in their mouths.

Bag it and bin it!


Church Balk Centre

Start 2017 with a new activity.

The Centre is available for hire during any day (except school holidays). It is a great venue with lovely views over the playing fields. Good parking facilities. Would suit  a coffee/tea club, daytime get together.

It is also available on Friday and Saturday evenings for hire.

If anyone would like to start a group please don’t hesitate to contact me – A Flanagan on 07428005708.