Speed Limits.

Please help to keep our village safe.

Please take care when driving in and around Edenthorpe!imgp4920

Always observe and respect the speed limits. These are 30mph on the side roads and 20mph near to the Primary Schools. Church Balk has a 20mph immediately after the row of shops in order to keep our children safe.


Edenthorpe against 650 houses!

Thank you to everyone who helped and supported the campaign.

Edenthorpe Parish Council would like to thank the residents of Edenthorpe who helped protest against the potential 650 houses proposed on land to the East of Mere Lane, Edenthorpe. The planning committee meeting held on 15th November 2016 unanimously refused planning permission.  A fantastic result! 🙂

Objectors before the planning committee meeting.
Objectors before the planning committee meeting.

Please do not be complacent.

The outline planning permission has been refused, however, the land management company can still appeal.IMGP4900

We need Edenthorpe to keep up the good work done so far. This can be presented as email/text/letter and  photographs.

The congestion on the roads, Hatfield Lane, West Moor Link Rd, queuing from junction 4 (M18), Thorne Rd,  highlighting the  single carriage way under railway bridge, Thorne Rd, all evidence  past and present. We need to remember our wildlife –  sky larks,  bats, tawny owls, toads  and many other species in the woods and surrounding areas. Their natural habitats need protection and preservation. This is our last area of open landscape, homes to many species.

It has been proven that for our health and well -being that residents  need walking access to open countryside  to enhance their mental and physical health.

We need evidence that can be used to highlight the decision that the area of land – East of Mere Lane, Edenthorpe, should never have been considered as land for more houses.

Hungerhill business Park is ready for business and ripe for development.


Do not hesitate to contact me.

Mrs A Flanagan (Parish Clerk for Edenthorpe)

8 Robin Hood Rd, Edenthorpe . DN3 2JQ. Tel no. 07428005708









Edenthorpe residents against 650 new homes

Can residents of Edenthorpe and surrounding areas please try to attend the public meeting on Tuesday 15th November at 2pm. This is a planning committee meeting where the decision is made on the proposed 650 houses being built on land which is part of the countryside policy.

The meeting will be held at:

The Council Chamber,
Civic Office,
on: Tuesday 15th November at 2pm.

It is vital that this development is stopped. The congestion on roads travelling to and from Doncaster, safety of the access road onto West Moor link road via another roundabout, lack of available school places at Hungerhill for children from Dunsville plus many other reasons.

Please everyone do not be complacent about this development.