Parish Council

In 1954 the local papers indicated that Edenthorpe was to become a separate Parish and that there would be a need for a Parish Council.

Under the Local Government Act 1933; Sections 141 and 142 on 17th February 1956, was published – THE WEST RISING OF YORKSHIRE (PARISHES OF BARNBY DUN WITH KIRK SANDALL AND EDENTHORPE) CONFIRMATION ORDER 1956.

This order established Edenthorpe as a Parish in its own right with effect from 1956.


Marjorie Baker52 Ridgewood
Clive Alton (Vice-Chairman)33 Eden Grove
John Abson60 Thorne
Ann Devy15
Sue Tate10 Eden Grove
Dave Sykes102 Thorne
Fred Gee (Chairman)4
Paul Bissett32 Sunnyside07801
Dave Barrow13 Cedric