Edenthorpe Women’s Institute

At our Parish Council meeting on Monday 6th November we were joined by two ladies from Edenthorpe WI. They are interested in  working  with the Parish Council in order to continue to bring the whole community together and celebrate/ support events throughout the year.

Please find attached a report written by one of the members to mark their 60th Anniversary.

Edenthorpe W.I.



Rickety Rackety Way / Rowena Gardens

Lovely phone call yesterday from our Parish Chairman – Mr Gee!

Neither of us could believe our eyes. After many, many years of being overgrown and unloved, the land between Rowena Ave and Coningsburgh Rd has been tackled.

This is all down to our resident – Jen Oxley, who we all know has worked tirelessly on  Snickety Gardens, Crescent Garden and the Flower Plot. Jen was asked by Doncaster MBC as to how they could support her hard work. Her response – help me please! Result – a team from Doncaster MBC descended on Rickety Rackety Way yesterday and cleared it out. In the undergrowth four car tyres were found, some broken down bollards and numerous bags of dog poo. Many years ago this was a pedestrian only zone. With a bit of luck the bollards will be re-instated.


Once again, THANK YOU JEN 🙂



Mere Lane Play Park, Edenthorpe

Edenthorpe we have great news for all ages. Our Open Spaces are about to be re-vamped. Please see the attached Design and Access Statement for Mere Lane Playing Fields, Edenthorpe.

Design & Access Statement for Mere Lane Playing Field, Edenthorpe


Edenthorpe Parish Council have been in continuous talks with Dave Ridge, Salma Rashid and Carley Walker from Doncaster MBC since early 2016.

25048-DMBC-L_Outline Proposals AG Rev D

This has resulted in the exciting enhancements soon to be constructed on Far Field (Tesco Field) as well much needed improvements on Mere Lane Playing Field.

Proposed Plans for Mere Lane Playing Field, Edenthorpe.



Edenthorpe village planters

The planters have now been refilled with Winter Pansies, Silver Ferns, Wall Flowers and Sweet Williams. These should be looking  good once the wind has died down. The bulbs will be popping through after Christmas (Clever little things). They always amaze me how they push through frozen soil.

If you live near to a planter please try and water and weed  them so we can  keep them looking in tip top condition.

Thank you.


CPRE Support

Edenthorpe will feature in the next edition of CPRE South Yorkshire’s magazine – Peakland Guardian.  Andrew Wood has written an article about Edenthorpe and the ongoing campaign against the proposed housing development.

Our 15 minutes of fame!


Appeal – Land East of Mere Lane

Edenthorpe Parish Council would like to give a big thank you to everyone who supported them in their work towards the ongoing appeal. The hearing was held at The Cast over 5 days and was well attended by residents.  Andrew Wood (CPRE) was witness for the Parish Council and was cross examined by the appellant on Wednesday 13th September. Thank you Andrew for all your hard work, dedication and belief that Edenthorpe should retain this piece of land for recreational use and not housing.

The site visit held on Thursday 14th September was again well attended by residents, dogs and  cyclists. It was a beautiful morning for the inspector to look around our open countryside.

The appeal is far from over. There are to be a further 4 days to be held either in December 2017 or January 2018. I will keep everyone updated as soon as I know the dates.