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Summer Bedding Plants.

On Friday 2nd June, just before the rain began (and during a heavy downpour) the planters around the village were filled with a variety of Summer bedding plants. The majority of these have been grown by our very own Chairman – Fred Gee.

Parish Councillors Fred Gee, Paul Bissett, Dave Barrow and Clerk Anne Flanagan cleared out the planters and topped them up with fresh compost before adding the new plants. Fred Gee then followed up afterwards with the bowser to give them a really good water. (It has rained ever since)!

It would really help if villagers living nearby the planters could give them some water during dry spells. A special mention to Dr and Mrs Griffiths who helped Fred fill the planter on Lyndale Ave, they have always helped with watering too.  Thank you. 🙂

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Please can all residents look out for our newly established Snickety Gardens.

Sadly, over the Bank Holiday weekend somebody thought it would be a great idea to snap flower heads off a lot of plants. One foxglove still had a bee in the flower head which was lying on the floor. Why do this?


These gardens were created by local resident Jen in her own time. She has worked relentlessly over the past 18 months, locals have donated plants, tools and continue to do so. These snickets are unique and are an asset to the village.


The flowers look so much better on the living plant than lying dead on the floor.

Crescent Gardens.

Jen has recently begun to work on the semi circle of overgrown garden off The Crescent. This has been left for many years. It is already looking great as Jen has attacked it and begun planting. Jen is one amazing lady!

Please feel free to water any of these areas along with the planters which will be filled later this week.


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Neighbourhood Plan

Drop in Session.

Please come and join us on Monday 22nd May 2017 – The meeting room, Community Centre, Cedric road, between 4pm-8pm. Light refreshments will be available for those who are feeling a bit peckish.

Meet our consultant Luke Brown and have your say about how you see the village in the next 15-20 years. This Plan is for the people of Edenthorpe, by the people of Edenthorpe for the future generation.

Edenthorpe – Don’t forget to complete your surveys!  🙂

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Church Balk Centre

Decorating & continuation of revamp.

After a week of hard work by the decorators and with the understanding from the groups using the centre, we are pleased to say that our Church Balk Centre is looking fresh and newly painted.

The walls are now a  magnolia with a soft cream gloss coat replacing the areas which were previously blue. The rest of the woodwork is either white or wood varnish. There are further bits to do but the majority of the decorating is now complete.


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Edenthorpe Junior Football Club

Summer Gala Sunday 4th June.

Look forward to seeing everyone on Marian Road Playing fields for the Edenthorpe Junior FC Summer Gala day.  10am – 4pm. Lets hope that the weather is kind.

Friends of Edenthorpe Neighbourhood Plan will also be there from 10.30 – 2pm to chat to residents about Our Village.

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Snickety Gardens

A Female Initiative.

Loving the new natural stone sign amongst the foliage. Every time I walk past it makes me smile. Jenny, you have worked wonders on these borders. They are looking fabulous and are filling out nicely.